Resistance to magnetism with Nivachron

A magnetic field can disrupt the accuracy and operation of a mechanical watch in several ways.

For the final consumer, a magnetic field coming from a simple magnet (handbag, cell phone cover, computer, tablet) can stop the watch for a few milliseconds. These small stoppages are caused by exposure to the field. The customer generally does not notice that he/she has lost a few milliseconds on the time displayed by the watch.

On the other hand, if the watch is more exposed to the magnetic field of a simple magnet, not only will there be a stoppage under its influence but there will be a residual effect of magnetic disturbance, which will strongly compromise the precision of the watch over time. The customer will notice a significant advance of the time or in certain cases, a considerable delay. In this case, the customer will have to bring the watch back to the store to have it demagnetized.

The Nivachron balance spring is produced in the traditional way using a non-magnetic titanium-based compensating alloy.

Four patents have been filed by Nivarox-FAR since 2017 on this new alloy. The name Nivachron is an internationally-registered trademark by Nivarox-FAR.

Advantages of the Nivachron balance spring

  • Greatly reduces the influence of magnetic fields and residual effects on the watch’s operation.
  • Resistant to temperature variations in normal wearing conditions.
  • Resistant to shocks in normal wearing conditions.

Amagnetic Nivachron™