Playfully discover your dream apprenticeship - with the FUTURE JUMP app!


Future Jump is a first for Switzerland, created by the apprentices. ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse is the first company to release its own app designed exclusively to help choosing a career, revolutionising its interaction with young people. FUTURE JUMP transforms the process of looking for an apprenticeship into an exciting adventure as users play an integrated jumping game while finding available apprenticeships.

The FUTURE JUMP app offers detailed information on apprenticeships at ETA. Young people using the app can see all of the available apprenticeships and submit their application in the app itself. What is revolutionary about the app is the way in which it makes looking for a career fun. FUTURE JUMP is named after the game that is integrated into the app. Young people can compare themselves to other players in the game community and try to ‘jump’ to the highest position.

Developed by apprentices information technologists and mediamatics technicians, FUTURE JUMP offers a fun way to help people choose a career. The team used state-of-the-art technologies and agile methods to develop the app. The budding specialists spent months tinkering, testing and optimising, while benefitting from the expert coaching and guidance of their vocational trainers. The product is the successful consequence of a two-way learning process: apprentices are putting the knowledge they have gained into practice and the professional environment around them is also learning. FUTURE JUMP is not just an app. It represents the many opportunities offered by an apprenticeship with ETA: talented young people can realise their full potential and put it to beneficial use during their training!

Future Jump is available in German and French.


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