Thanks to a new integrated circuit, HeavyDrive technology provides an anti-shock system and expands the options for hand unbalance. The weight of an innovative hand design or material is no longer an obstacle, as HeavyDrive is able to support unbalances of over 200% for a traditional second hand and 20% for a traditional minute hand. The movement’s new on-board electronics detect and then manage the shock, whilst the motor generates a counter pulse to lock the hand in its position during the shock. This intelligent shock management prompts the motor to react in a fraction of a second if a certain shock threshold is exceeded. The energy used to counter this force remains minimal, and the movement’s autonomy is thus preserved.

Integrated circuit This new integrated circuit (IC) enables the detection of a shock above a threshold that could prompt a hand jump. It only sends an order to the motor if this is required to preserve the movement’s autonomy.

Motor The motor follows the IC’s order and generates a counter-impulse proportional to the force of the shock. It reacts in a fraction of a second to lock the hands for the duration of the shock.

HandsHeavyDrive is able to support imbalances of over 200% for a traditional second hand and over 20% for a traditional minute hand.


PreciDrive can achieve a precision which can pass the COSC chronometer certification, provided the watch is not exposed to impacts, and kept at a temperature of between 20°c and 30°c. This precision can be achieved thanks to the thermo-compensation operating principle, which controls and regulates the motor pulses according to changes in the ambient temperature. By virtue of combining the quartz and integrated circuit in the same waterproof case, the precision is insensitive to moisture.


PowerDrive controls the running of the chronograph motors, and can increase the hand movement speed to more than 200 Hz (i.e. 200 hand jumps per second in either direction of rotation). This technology improves the hand movement control, making for a highly dynamic display.
PowerDrive also provides numerous counter programming options. This technology gives the customer multiple display combinations.