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Website accessibility help

We strive to make this website accessible to all. An accessible website can be read by all internet users, regardless of their browser, screen resolution, presets or visual capacity. Here is a list of aid measures which we have put in place to make navigating the website a more user-friendly process.

Website usage information

Skip links

Keyboard navigation has been made easier thanks to skip links placed before all content. These allow you to directly access:

  • The main menu
  • The search function
  • The contents
  • The footer



Links, buttons and form fields are easier to recognise thanks to the borders highlighting them.



We have ensured that contrast levels are sufficient to allow comfortable reading.


Zoom in/out

To make navigation easier, you can also adjust the text size.

You can do so using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Windows/Linux: Ctrl and the ‘+’ key to zoom in, Ctrl and the ‘-’ key to zoom out

Mac: Command key (Apple key) and the ‘+’ key to zoom in or Command key and the ‘-’ key to zoom out


Text alternatives

Every video contains subtitles and a text transcript.



We are constantly striving to improve the accessibility of our website and would welcome your suggestions for improvements. If you encounter accessibility issues or technical problems when using this website, please do not hesitate to contact us at 032 655 71 11 or send us an email.


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