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‘We pass our expertise‘

As a trained watchmaker, Sonia teaches VET apprentices how to assemble movements. 

‘My role is to support them during the two years of their apprenticeship and to pass on as much knowledge as possible so that they can work independently on the production line. My greatest reward is seeing them receive their diplomas, the ultimate proof of their fantastic achievement.’

Sonia, 17 years of ETA expertise

‘Improving the assembly process also means developing operators’ skills’

Giuseppe began his career at ETA as an electrical maintenance manager. He is now a project manager in mechanical movement assembly.

‘The extension of the mechanical team allowed me to help develop new machines to support production, and then I had the opportunity to take on more responsibility in order to develop legacy applications. Alongside my passion for watches, I like working for a large company like ETA because it allows me to undertake ambitious projects thanks to the large production volumes.’

Giuseppe, 8 years of ETA expertise

‘I feel at home here’

Esat is a mechanic working on complex machinery. He designs and creates extremely high-precision tools made of hard material.

‘In my daily work, I solve problems and turn what started as an idea into something tangible. My job is constantly changing, and I have to stay up to date with innovations and pass on my knowledge. I can feel myself growing professionally in a job that is for a great cause: preserving the footprint of history with excellent, high-quality products.’

Esat, 22 years of ETA expertise

‘The feeling of contact and customer satisfaction are my priorities’

Elodie works for the Customer Service department. She provides our customers with movement after-sales services.

‘I prepare component orders and am on hand to help our customers with any requests or administrative complaints. When satisfied customers give me direct feedback, I find it very encouraging. It spurs me on to do even better – for them, but also for the company’s image! I also serve as an instructor for our sales apprentices where I am happy to share my knowledge, and I appreciate the various opportunities for development that ETA offers me.’

Elodie, 4 years of ETA expertise

‘Team spirit is what drives us forward’

Samuel is a trained watchmaker. He is now responsible for production on an assembly line for mechanical movements.

‘My role is to ensure that we produce high-quality products in the set time, whilst operating within production budgets. Alongside this, it is also vital to keep listening to your team and remain focussed on staff development.’

Samuel, 12 years of ETA expertise