New external parts standards

The Swatch Group has introduced a new external parts standard for 2018, setting out the hand spacings required for a simple, ready-to-use solution.

The parties affected by this new standard are the movement manufacturer, the hand manufacturer, the brand and the assembly manager.

From now on, choosing and executing hands will be an easier process.

In addition to improving understanding between the different parties involved, this new standard will also limit the risk of errors, increase the number of options and boost the quality of our products.

Four hand spacing categories have been created representing four different spacing distances, which can be selected to suit the product’s particular needs. All heights in a single category will be the same, regardless of the movement.

These optimised spacings between hands will now enable luminescent material to be used for certain hands, and will even permit new hand designs such as longer examples compared with the movement’s dimensions.

This new standard applies to all new 2018 products incorporating the exclusive HeavyDrive technology (F0X collection and calibre 282.002).

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