Staff profiles 3/3

‘Despite the volumes involved, quality is paramount’

Thanks to training as an automation specialist, Maxime puts his expertise to use in mechanical movement assembly.

‘I have the opportunity to work on high-tech equipment within modern infrastructure. I ensure that the lubrication machines, which I know like the back of my hand, function correctly. Readiness, versatility and a sense of priorities are the essential qualities that I use in my everyday work. In addition, creating a mechanical watch movement is a daily challenge which can only be tackled by a close-knit team like ours.’

Maxime, 3 years of ETA expertise

‘Our priority is still to improve quality for our customers, both internal and external’

Thomas is a profile turner. A deputy group leader and a real specialist in his field, he makes large-series high-precision parts using digitally controlled machinery.

‘I have the freedom to exercise a lot of innovation in my daily work, which gives me immense pleasure. I am equally committed to my role on a task force working to standardise our processes. We work tirelessly to perfect our products.’

Thomas, 6 years of ETA expertise

‘I am the customer’s eyes’

Viviane is responsible for incoming goods control. She ensures the aesthetic quality of the components delivered to site before they are distributed to assembly workshops.

My experience allows me to be independent and versatile. The confidence I have gained in my work enables me to make the necessary decisions to ensure that we meet the required quality criteria at all times and preserve a climate of trust with our customers. ETA is a company that focuses on employee development, which is very interesting on both a personal and a professional level.’

Viviane, 26 years of ETA expertise

‘Ongoing involvement in making new products is highly motivating’

Raymond is a watchmaking analyst. He monitors the quality of watch parts, movements and watch heads on assembly lines.

If a problem arises that we have not been able to anticipate, I analyse it and try to provide a solution. I love being able to say “eureka” when I find the best way to make sure that it does not happen again. My colleagues and our working atmosphere are part of why I am so happy at ETA. I can share my experience with the youngest workers, whilst they give me their energy.’

Raymond, 29 years of ETA expertise

‘We must think about the production phase from the very beginning of designing a new product.’

Lorenzo manages the project leader team. Together, they oversee the production launch of new movements and, in particular, the preparation of the machinery designed to assemble them.

‘Working for ETA means working for a large company with numerous production sites all over Switzerland.The good relationships and teamwork I enjoy with my colleagues are vital in the constant quest for shared, simple and effective solutions. In addition, watchmaking is a fascinating field, which helps make my work extremely interesting.’

Lorenzo, 8 years of ETA expertise